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Mehndi Designs Tradition and All Its Glory

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Mehndi Tradition

A Mehndi party is the pre-wedding celebration in Hindu and Sikh culture when the bride has the red-orange mehndi “stain” applied to her palms, back of hands, and feet. Typically held the day before the wedding, the event often has a lounge feel, with colorful pillows. The bride and all the other women of the family sits together sung some songs and wish the bride. The most joyful blissful part is when the friends and sisters of the bride apply mehndi on her hands. The decoration is done by applying beautiful mehndi designs on feet arms and hands of the brides. All the other family members also apply mehndi designs to celebrate the most beautiful and big event of the bride’s and her family’s life. Mehndi is a paste associated with positive spirits and good luck. Pakistani and Indian Wedding tradition calls for a Mehndi ceremony to be held the night before the wedding as a way of wishing the bride good health and prosperity as she makes her journey on to marriage.

Mehndi Designs Literally Goes with Everything


Whether you slip into a simplistic salwar suit, a palazzo set, a kurta and skirt ensemble, or s gharara, suits are some of the most comfortable mehndi function dress that you can opt for. They’re of course, easy to frolic about in and can be custom made as per the scale of your ceremony. Everyone is busy in selecting the mehndi designs they want to be done on their hands. Me and my family is always in search something different whether it’s for mehndi designs or clothes. On my sister’s wedding I found a blog on the page of Libas e Jamila that was all about simple mehndi design. Just in few minutes I go through the blog and simply loved their content. They had a huge variety off mehndi designs and techniques.

Mehndi is all about colors and liveliness. We usually celebrate this event by wearing heavy and bright colored dresses with a lot of lights, music and dances. With all the heavy clothes we go for simple mehndi designs. Mehndi function is the liveliest event of a wedding and full of excitement. The most favorite part is the easy mehndi design application time. I love applying mehndi myself so all of the little girls of the family want their hands to be done by me. I like quick and simple mehndi designs which are for all from elders to little babies. I found the mehndi blog on Libas e Jamila clothing brand very creative and loved copying their designs. All of us picked up our favorite designs from their and applied them. They came up with a new range of asymmetric designs which are unique in their own. The most beneficial part is that they have also enlisted their suggestions according to the new trends that how and on what occasion which design would be suitable. 

Mehndi Event is the life of an event

All the wedding events are all about gifts. The guests bring gifts for the bride and her family it can be money or other stuff. The wedding gifts may be cash, clothes or sweets anything. Mehndi is the event where there is no need of gifts. mehndi event is all about colors, songs, dances, celebrations and joy. In fact, you’re likely to leave a Mehndi party with a gift yourself. “No gift is needed, as the bride will have favors for you! These may include things like colorful dupattas, perfume bottles, small beaded bags, and, of course, bangles! A staple at most Mehndi parties,” Marsh says.So, mehndi is the most fun filled and full of energy event. In our family mehndi is the grandest function that includes a variety of food dishes and flawless decor. All the focus of the event is on the arrangements like food, lightening and decor. Decoration is done with all the vibrant colors with fresh flowers like genda is the yellow orange fresh round flower which is all about the mehndi. It is perfect for its looks smell and it is easily grounded in all sorts of décor. The fancy food, décor and the variety of food is all incomplete without mehndi.

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