April 20, 2024

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A comprehensive guide on E-Bikes

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These days, people have become concerned about the changing weather patterns and increasing global warming contributed by burning of fossil fuels. Hence, they are looking for alternate ways to save the planet and the existence of the human race. The governments of many countries across the globe are providing manufacturers with various types of facilities and incentives to produce quality electronic bikes and cars in mass numbers to replace fossil fuel run vehicles. This has led to the emergence of different brands of e-bikes that are gaining popularity among bike lovers of all ages. 

What is an e-bike?

The electric bike can be termed to be a normal bike that is equipped with electric motor for propulsion purpose. However, the Federal Law limits the motors to just about 750W power while top speed allowed is 20 mph. Such bikes do not require wearing any helmet or license to move around on the roads. 


Most e-bikes are design to meet the above specifications while some are found to exceed them. These bikes are quite affordable when compare to those fossil fuel-base bikes and scooters as well as completely safe to be driven on any type of roads. With several brands offering different types of models at varying prices, you can do adequate research and buy the one that fits your specific needs and budget. 


A rechargeable battery is what powers these E-bikes with the average range derived being about 20 miles. However, this range is likely to vary based on the bike’s weight, rider’s weight, riding style, terrain and the wheel size. They also are available in various sizes and styles, ranging from the small folding bikes having 20” & 16” wheels meant for apartment dwellers and commuters. You can also come across those like 700c sizes and 28”. Insurance is also not required to operate them. However, some states have passed age limitations. You can discuss with the electric bike manufacturers about your requirements. 

Motor type

The common motor type used in these e-bikes includes the hub motor. They may be use on the rear or front wheels and do not need gears, belts or chains. The motor is actually the wheel’s hub and comprises of two concentric rings with opposing electromagnets. As the motor is supply with battery power, the opposing magnetic force spins the wheel. Such motor type is silent while maintenance is not require.

Higher motor wattage offers more power. But there is one caveat. No standard is present to measure wattage. Most companies tend to use peak output numbers instead of operating output numbers. The 1000W peak rated motor could perhaps turn out to be a 500W motor with regards to standard operating output. Do some research on this aspect to make a well-informed decision to buy an ebike that meets our specifications and need. Remember, it is just the standard operating output that is really comparable. 


E-bikes are battery operate. The least expensive ones use is the common battery SLA (sealed lead acid). It offers the highest ah (amp hours). But SLA batteries are quite heavy, being about three times of weight of that of the lithium battery. It also is less durable working just third of what lithium battery offers. Although expensive, lithium batteries are lightweight and also long lasting. You will be require to invest in twelve 12V SLA batteries just to match the power of a single 48V Lithium battery. Even Nickel cadmium as well as other batteries tends to fall in-between. Generally, the lightweight lithium battery slides out of the rack and can be charge easily indoors. This means, you do not have to worry about having to find out an outlet to plug your whole bike. Moreover, lithium batteries are state to be more eco-friendly when compared to other available batteries. 

Other essential functionalities

E-bikes construct from kits often are consider to be the best bets with regards to performance and price. You need to make the right selection of the kit to derive a powerful motor, good battery including other features, something not present on the factory-built bike. Moreover, the converted bike is likely to weigh less. The kit is to have pre-built motor fitted into the wheel (it is easier to install the front wheel kit). It should also have a thumb or twist throttle, dual brake motor cut-off, wiring harness, motor controller, battery mounting rack having lock mechanism, etc. 

Besides this, the best kit is one that will have mountain hardware, wiring diagrams, complete instructions and wire ties. The expensive factor-built ebikes are likely to appear somewhat like motorcycles. They can be heavy, tough to pedal and might not go much farther or even faster when compared to the kit built or inexpensive bikes.

However, they might appear cool! But you need to buy the kit only from a reliable company that also offers installation process. In case you plan to convert the existing bike, then it should be excellent operating condition. If the plan is to construct a bike with 500W kit or more then use one having steel front fork. Front wheel motors if powerful can help pull free from or perhaps damage the suspension forks and aluminium.

Not much gearing is necessary in these bikes unless you desire a mountain bike. 6-7 gears will be more than enough to use it as a street bike. Factory-built ebikes if selected should allow you to control it fully. Also you need to feel comfortable while riding it. Moreover, the bike should have the essential components that you were searching for. 

These bikes are silent, does not require any fuel or tune ups, as well as do not emit harmful, toxic smoke. You can also ride them in those places where motorized vehicles are strictly prohibit. You can also store them indoors, something not possible with fossil-fuel run vehicles. Purchasing from a reputed electric bicycle company is sure to give you peace of mind and value worth your investment.

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