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Cool Places to Visit in Washington DC

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Washington Attractions

A great nation demands a capital that’s equally enigmatic, historic. Which portrays all the spectacular qualities of the state itself! And if that nation happens to be the ‘United States of America’. The capital “Washington DC” contains a large responsibility of mirroring precisely what the ‘Land of the Free’ stands for. And, believe me, Washington DC doesn’t disappoint! What exactly is it a few places or a destination that attracts travelers? What makes us feel as if we’ve extremely seen, touched, and experienced the soul of a city?

Here’s a capital that appears equally like what a perfect capital should look like. Charming white structures, gorgeous monuments, painting museums, and a whole business-like. But calming vibe puts your mind relaxed and makes you believe that everything is in order. It’s simply perfect! Feeling excited? Get packed, visit the delta airlines official site and get your flight ticket done. Also, save 40% off on every flight till the last minute. To assist you, here are a number of the most attractive places to go to in Washington D.C. that may actually make the Washington capital worth your visit!

Highlighting the best places you can visit in Washington:

The White House

The White House is the official residence of the ‘President of the United States of America’. A splendidly beautiful white elegant structure was built to host the President. Also, his family throughout the entire tenure of the presidential office. Every President since John Adams has lived within the exact same quarters over the last 2 centuries. White House, spread across sections. Such as – 18 acres with 6 storeys, 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces, a (single-lane) bowling alley, movie theatre, tennis court, exercise track, swimming pool, and a site for playing golf, etc.

Capitol Hill

Welcome to the seat of the American Government! Capitol hill is one more historic neighborhood. Home to the iconic US Capitol, US Senate, US House of Representatives, and the illustrious, US Supreme Court. Also, one of the most densely populated. Also, one of the oldest and hottest residential neighborhoods of Washington DC.

Known for its wide avenues and structures of historical as well as architectural prominence, Capitol Hill combines the aesthetics of each, a residential area and a government district. The Capitol Building, one of the most known & famous tourist attractions of Washington DC. Home of the US Congress found on the crest of Hill at the eastern end of Capitol Hill. 

The Washington Monument

The Washington monument or The Obelisk. Popularly glorious has been built to honor the military leadership of George Washington throughout the American Revolution from 1775 to 1783. At a height of simply over 555 feet, the Washington Monument is one of the tallest stone structures and tallest obelisk within the whole world.

Situated at the center of the National Mall between the US Capitol Building and therefore the Lincoln Memorial. The Obelisk is one of the most popular places to go to in Washington DC. 

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The Pentagon

Located in Arlington, simply outside Washington DC, The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, together with all 3 military services – Army, Navy, and Air Force. The term ‘Pentagon’ often used on its own to point to the American Military. And the Department of Defense beside its leadership. Built-in the shape of a pentagon star. The structure is spread across a section of 26,500,000 sq. feet. And one of the largest office buildings in the entire world. 

Lincoln Memorial

An inscription adorns the wall behind the large elegant sculpture of President Abraham in the Lincoln Memorial! The sixteenth President of the United States stares from his marble throne, in a virtually calming but attentive manner that seems as if he still is aware of what’s happening around the country. Each traveler can’t resist saying that, one in all the fondest memories of the Washington DC trip was the visit to Lincoln Memorial. 

The location of the Lincoln Memorial in the National Mall is specified and you’ll be able to look over the town from the top of the steps leading up to the memorial chamber (almost as if the President was wanting over the town from his vantage point). The Lincoln Memorial is one of the major tourist attractions of Washington DC.

World War II Memorial

This was another stunning monument that visitors can visit throughout the Washington DC trip! the World War II Memorial may be an outstanding monument built in honor of American citizens who served in the military besides American soldiers and civilians who lost their lives throughout World War II. It symbolizes the spirit, sacrifice, and therefore the commitment of the American people towards their nation. One of the most visited places to go to is Washington DC. The World War II Memorial welcomes about 4 million guests every year and war veterans who pay their tributes remembering the unparalleled process of their incomparable service and sacrifice for the country.

Tidal Basin 

A man-made reservoir that’s enclosed by some gorgeous monuments! Situated adjacent to the river and forms a part of the West Potomac Park in Washington DC. Also, known as the center point of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. And celebrated every spring (late March, early April). In short, the gorgeous array of cherry trees (approximately 3750) that are planted on the Tidal Basin. 

Spread over a section of 107 acres, the Tidal Basin may be a spectacular sight throughout cherry blossom season and one of the most popular places to go to in Washington DC. Even, if you don’t visit every and each monument on the Tidal Basin Loop Trail, make sure that you should take a look at this attraction on your Washington DC trip!

In the Nutshell

In the end, after going through this guide you may love it. Are you guys excited and ready to go over there and explore the best sights in Washington DC? Can’t wait and hold your excitement? Pack your bags and customize your USA holiday right away and enjoy the most awaited getaway ever!

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