May 19, 2024

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Tips for Good Education

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Although Man is the supreme creation, basic education is necessary for development and civilization. Education teaches you how to play your role in society and be a useful human being. Also, education is the basic right of every human being, and it helps you explore your connection to the world.

We all know some people that own a stack of degrees and a bunch of medals and distinctions. But they treat the poor as if they are not humans. This is where the true spirit of education comes to use. Therefore, don’t get into education just to be a part of the rat race. Instead, concentrate on the knowledge that helps you chip in the world.

We are all well aware of the flaws of the education system, but we cannot stay behind just because of the system, right? Therefore I have come up with some amazing tips and tricks that you can use to be an educated person. However, merely education would not help you become a useful person; you have to implement the knowledge and spread it further for the sake of its true sense.


If you want to be successful in life, follow discipline. Make a certain routine and stick to it firmly. Sleep on time, wake up on time, so that your mind stays fresh. Pay attention to your meal timings so that you can have an excellent digestive system and, thus, an active body. Try to have some off-screen time too, so that your eyes can have some rest. Go out, walk, exercise, do yoga and meditate so that you can have a sound mind in a healthy body.


It is necessary to keep all your stationery, books, and helping material close to you so that you don’t have to get up and look for them while studying. It not only wastes time but also leads you to many distractions. Once you leave your place, you get engaged in some other useless activity and end up doing nothing at all. Having a good sitting, all your stationery and essentials easy to access, tricks your mind into getting in form for a lot of information.


Read and don’t cram

When you are going through a text, try to know the meaning and don’t just read the words. Look for the reference to the context and give the due time to each line. It does not mean that you spend the whole day on a single topic. You must prioritize the topics and go through them one by one. If you just cram the words, it will not stay in your mind for long, and you’ll have to go through the text again, thus spending more time. Then why not do it excellently in the first go?

Use all of your senses

When you read a text out loud; you don’t just read it. You see it, you pronounce it, and you hear it too. Thus you’re feeding your brain the exact information from three different resources. It will become easier for your brain to understand and store this information, and it might stay in your memory for a longer period of time.

Know yourself

Education is all about teaching yourself to be a better person every other day. Therefore, learn from your experiences. Talk to people, get to know about their experiences. Compare them to yours and devise a proper strategy that works best for you. You will get a lot of people in life that are there to criticize you and pass satirical comments. However, you must stand firm and focus on your goal.

Look for graphics and illustrations

Although our education system is also trying to inculcate more and more graphics, illustrations, and diagrams in the course, making your own illustration is also necessary. Try to shake your imagination with each new concept and explore your point of view. This is also necessary for your personality building. Also, it makes the information easier, and fun to understand and is quickly converted into long-term memory.

Teaching and discussion

Your knowledge is of no use if you are stingy about it. The more you teach others, the more it grows. Always be open to sharing your thoughts and ideas and also accepting others. Teaching not only polishes your concepts but also keeps you eager to learn more so that you can deliver better.

Always make notes

It might sound like a little old school, but it is necessary to note down or mark the important points so that you don’t forget them. Your education must not depend upon the notes, but it is necessary to keep a record.

Don’t forget to revise.

When we hear information, it stays in our short-term memory, but to convert it into long-term memory, it must be revised within 24 hours.

Eager to learn

If you consider yourself educated, then you have failed as an educated person. An educated man never considers himself learned enough. He is always hungry for more and more knowledge, and this is what keeps him going. It is just like water. When the water keeps running in a river or stream, it stays fresh. Whenever it pools up or becomes stagnant, it gets dirty and stinky. Therefore, it is necessary to be always eager to learn.

Learn to appreciate others

Why is book reading important? It is because it makes us take inspiration from the writers’ words. If you are motivated and moved from a book, it means that you have appreciated the person whose work motivated you. Therefore, it is necessary to keep learning and appreciating, whether you listen to podcasts, watch lecture videos, read books, or learn from a youtube video.

To wrap it up!

Education is the basic necessity of life, and one must pay due attention to their education. What is the point of living a life without civilization? None! Right? Therefore, be responsible and prioritize education over anything else.

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